... we not only make your slides, but also spend huge amounts of time backstage making sure they appear on screen at the right time, in the right order... 


We've got you covered.


We design and polish presentations for independant producers, production companies and end clients


The majority of our clients provide content on pre-existing templates and use us to finesse a presentation, making sure it keeps within your organisations style guidelines, tidy it up by making it uniform across the slide deck and add visual improvements.


What we enjoy most is creating original presentation designs, and opening stings


We know that when you are preparing to give a presentation, you still have a day job that requires your attention. We also apppreciate that you may not have an endless budget to spend on presentation design services.


... in presentations, design can make a huge difference.
Not all presentation designs should be flashy, but they do need to be effective. Your slides need to be clean, tidy and visually enhance your message.
Every presentation design could be improved by a little polish and if required, maybe a little added glitter.
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