• Nigel Baller

TED Long Beach 2012

Working with a fine crew and a bunch of Muppets. Favourite cue was , 'standy Ox, Go Ox'

What an interesting week I've had:

Chatted with: Bill Nye the Science Guy. A Chinese speaking banjo girl. A knight of the realm who is a RSA rockstar. A man who has created an Android. A scientist with a flock of autonomous flying drones which play musical instruments. A fella who macro'ed the hell out of PowerPoint, a Billionaire Oilman and his wife (from Rugley) and a lady from DARPA (think of the Bourne supremacy and that's her job )

I've seen a 1795 pound Ox, a prima ballerina, a man who walked a wire between the towers of the World Trade Centre and a 17 year old nuclear physicist amongst many other amazing things plus I got to go running on the beach and worked with a brilliant team of people. All I need is a complete night sleep!

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