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Top Tips for a Great Presentation

We want you to make the best of the big day regardless of who your presentation company is, so we have gathered together in one location, the finest hints and tip from around the world to get you ready for your event

Top 10 Tips for a better live performance

  • Come out from behind the lectern. Your audience will perceive you as more open, and more interesting, without the barrier of a lectern

  • Don't fill the screen with words. Avoid cutting and pasting slabs of text into your slides, and add pictures to keep their interest

  • Fill the front rows of seats. Put 'reserved' signs on the back rows, so the front rows fill up and you don't have to talk across a moat of empty seats

  • Avoid clip-art clichés. If you're creating a screen show, don't use the light bulb over the head, nor bags of money and stacks of coins to denote commercial success

  • Don't run your notebook on batteries. Make sure you disable the 'Power Management' function and your screen saver with the embarrassing message.

  • Don't walk out of the light. If you're on stage and you don't have a light in your eyes, you're out of the stage lights and the audience is seeing you as a faceless silhouette

  • Write your own introduction, and ask the Chairperson to read it. This establishes your credentials, and stops them getting your name wrong

  • KISS & TLA 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. Reduce your presentation to the basic concepts and your audience be able to follow you.

  • If you go beyond their understanding they will switch off. Avoid "TLA" - Three Letter Abbreviation or to much corporate speak, eg. "Paradigm Shift" you don't want the audience to be scoring points at your expense.

  • Use background music to add atmosphere, it adds to the energy of your event, and when you fade it down, it draws their attention to the front of the room

  • Rehearse everything before the audience arrives. If you don't rehearse, anything can, and will, happen.

  • Remember: No-one ever complained of a presentation being too short. Go on too long and you've lost your audience.

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