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MG ZS Launch for AT Communications

Lee Mason from AT Communications engaged me to design a treatment for the Press launch of MG's new flagship ZS.

Background Images were to be displayed using AT new 2.6mm LED wall and content through a moving 16 x 9 PIP, I was to redesign the current PowerPoint slides.

I decided on large statement graphics as the background, teasing close ups taken from the large format photographs of the car. I used images that could be used with a PIP on the left and right, the images and PIP to change across the screen as presenters changed, this was enabled by the use of AT's E2 screen software.

Wide screen joy

Slide show Content

I'm a big fan of the simplicity with which BBC news puts over information using big graphics, and only using text for the main 'takeaway' information. (Example left.)

For the client, it was a bold move and different from the normal corporate attitude of putting as much information on the screen as possible.

The client went with it and was very pleased with the outcome.

Social Media Display

Adjacent to the presentation room was an area to greet the journalists with a 95" Plasma. On this, they wanted to display customer comment from test drives they had over the summer.

I decided to go with a 'social media' style video, this was to be amended and re-edited on site as journalist posted comments on their respective publications.

BBC Presentation screen graphics


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